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Marta_HardyI feel like you are all old friends

My husband and I have chartered for several years with BVI and are a part of a group that has chartered off and on with them for 10-12 years.  The only time we have gone elsewhere is when part of our group wanted to go to different islands and some of us stayed home 1 year. Each year our boat (because there are 3 boats in our group, with a total of about 24 people) specifically requests a Robertson & Caine Leopard.  We've had Petite Profligate, Sundowner and Magic Carpet.  The design is awesome and it is a pleasure to sail.  The swim platform across the back is like adding another 80 SF of living space.  It makes it very easy to get around and to relax when anchored or moored.  The BIG freezer is a must.  Not all the boats have this.  Yes, it is belt driven, but if you follow their instructions running the engines when they tell you which you have to do anyway for the batteries it works out great for a weeks worth of provisions.  I can tell you all kinds of tips that we've learned over the years when you make your decision to charter this boat. The water tanks are a perfect size and all mechanics were in good working order.  As for working with Anthony, Chris, Khadine, Abbie, etc. at BVI Yacht Charters, you will not find a better group. They have always bent over backwards to make us comfortable and happy.  They are hard working people and do their best to make  your charter enjoyable.  I've also noticed how much they work on improving the marina and the experience every year when we go back.  I usually contact them throughout the year asking questions.  So I feel like they are old friends now.
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