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SantaMaria-Quiet-coveBVI visted again and again

I've used BVI Yacht Charter five times over the years. I love the family sized marina where they know who you are when you walk in the door. I also love the convenience.  Provision is close, Mike is always ready with his cab, it's super easy to depart and it's easy of finding your way back to the home base. The boats are not new, but our ten year old Santa Maria, was in great shape for it's age. It always started with easy, the sails and lines were in great shape and the refrig kept the ice solid for 10 days. No more running to the store every other day to find ice. When it's just the two of us, we charter Nina Rose. It's easy for two to handle and plenty of room for two. We always enjoy the BVI. We love Sydney's Pease and Love Lobster, Cane Garden Myett and Marina Key to name a couple.  Thanks to the staff and BVI Yacht charters and my friends and I will see you soon."
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