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RainbowAnother Bucket List Sail

Recently, once again I completed another of my Number Ones on my Bucket List of things to do before it is too late. And BVI Yacht Charters did not disappoint, as usual. Anthony, Chris, Kahdine and Laura really keep me coming back every year and sometimes twice. I have chartered four times and the boats are always ready to go when I get there and never a problem during my sail.  This trip I saw my Bucket List Rainbow. See attached. I look at it this way: I probably will never get to Heaven so my next best thing is to enjoy Paradise in the BVI and BVI Yacht Charters helps me do it. Already, I am committed to another sail boat for June 2015, a flotilla organized by Cpt Bill McBride of Houston. I need a crew. Wanna sail with me in Paradise?
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