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beautiful-waterHappy Wife... Happy Life!

After dreaming about it for 5 years we did our first charter with BVI YACHT CHARTERS in Feb 2012. We had an awesome time and were blown away by how comfortable we felt doing it by ourselves. We have been power boaters back home in Canada for more than 20 years, but our sailing experience prior to the charter consisted of one summer crewing on a race boat at a nearby yacht club. We decided to take a "checkout captain" with us for the first day to get acquainted with the boat. After a few hours we set out on our own feeling like seasoned sailors. We spent the next week exploring the most beautiful little corner of the world we have ever been to. Everyone who sees our pictures asks the same question; "Is the water really that color?" The navigation and sailing were very easy, because it's all line of site sailing. That means you can always look behind at where you were, and look ahead at your destination. It's not that far from A to B , so there is no problem making it to your destination in time for happy hour. Sadly poor planning resulted in us not organizing another charter for this winter. Instead we ended up on a cruise ship. After our experience in the BVI last year, we have decided the big boats (cruise ships) just don't do it for us any more. During our plane ride home, it was decided that as soon as we get the suitcases dumped out on the laundry room floor......we would call BVI YACHT CHARTERS to get the ball rolling for next February. We could see plenty of other companies chartering in that area, however we had such great service from everyone we dealt with at BVI Yacht Charters.....we have no need to look further. Abbie & Cassie in the office were great to answer every question we had from 2000 miles away. When we arrived, we got the full run down of everything in the boat from rigging to engine to egg flipper. Then Laura gave a great chart briefing and info session. Our boat (SAPPHIRE) was in great shape. We only had one minor issue with the windless, which Anthony the amazing service guy, only took 30 minutes to scoot out and fix. This time, the moment we announced to our friends that we were thinking about going again, presto we had crew mates. Yippee we are going again. Really looking forward to it. I must remember to tell Abbie we will be needing a blender this time.

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