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Ordering your food in advance, means that you have less to do when you get here! We also understand how hard it can be to plan for all of your crews different tastes, allergies and diets. To make it simple for you we have teamed up with Riteway Supermarkets to offer you several options to help make your provisioning as simple and easy as possible. Once you have made your choices, email the forms to and we will organize delivery to your boat.


If you love to dine aboard you will want to opt for the full provisioning option, given 7 breakfasts, 7 lunches and 7 dinners aboard. For those who like to divide their time between quiet dinners aboard and eating ashore, opt for partial provisioning. If you like to sample the local restaurants, then try out ‘Dinner Ashore’. All of these options provide set items, and allow to chose your own additional options. You will need to order your drinks from the custom shopping list.


This unique list allows you to chose the exact items you would like, in order to customize your menu, for your crew. Choose fresh deli meats, fruits and vegetables, fresh herbs, frozen fruits, dried goods, specialty cheeses, breads, spices, sweets, snacks, condiments, seafood, wines, beers, spirits, yacht supplies and much more.


These are put together to give you the basics that you will need for your first night on board, your first breakfast onboard and some basic cleaning supplies. If you are arriving late at night, it is possible that the stores will be closed.  Order the ‘Late Arrivals Pack’ to ensure there are some cold beers, drinking water and a snack waiting for you on arrival. Order the ‘Early Riser Pack’ and have coffee and croissants ready for the hungry crew. We highly recommend you order the starter pack, containing cleaning products, garbage bags, paper towels and much more. These are the items you might not have thought off, and none of these items will be provided by BVI Yacht Charters.

We offer these packages for your convenience on arrival. Please remember we are only a 5 minute walk from Riteway and if you prefer to provision in person on arrival you are most welcome. Select from the options below to start choosing your provisions.


BVI Yacht Charters offers these quick packages deals for your convenience and assistance. Of course we are located withion walking distance to RiteWay, the BVI largest and best stocked super market.