BVI Sailing School

BVI Yacht Charters is a Fully Accredited Sailing School

We take great pleasure in helping both new and experienced sailors reach their personal goals so they can enjoy their holiday in one of the world’s great sailing destinations.

online sailing school

Theory Training

We offer fully-accredited online sailing courses through our partner, NauticEd.  Complete your theory education at home on your own schedule before your trip. Then, arrive in the BVI for the practical sailing part. In this manner you will gain the most out of the on-the-water time.

Review all the Sailing Courses by NauticEd here.

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    Qualified Crew Member

    This training leads you to become competent at all levels so you can become a knowledgeable and contributing crew member. You’ll learn practical aspects of sailing in addition to boat operational systems.

    Practical Time: Minimum instructor time 2 days + either course:

    • Qualified Crew Member Course ($37.50)
    • Skipper Course ($67.50)


    Qualified Charter Skipper

    Learning to become a qualified skipper means being able to take responsibility for sailing and all operations of the vessel. You’ll be competent at maneuvering the boat in and around marinas and have a clear understanding of most day-time leadership skills to operate a sailing vessel.

    Practical Time: Minimum instructor time 2 days + courses: $95

    • Skipper Course
    • Maneuvering Under Power


    Bareboat Charter Master

    This is the ultimate bareboat chartering confidence program. You’ll be knowledgeable with all operations of commanding a sailing vessel on a bareboat yacht charter in all cruising sailing destinations of the world. You’ll effectively be able to lead a crew, you’ll be able to make complex navigation decisions and generally be confident and competent. This course is accepted by other yacht charter companies worldwide.

    Get your sailing charter master certification now.

    Practical Time: Minimum instructor time 5 days + courses: $175


Practical Training – We offer professional instructors in real yachts!

Charter a bareboat from us and we can hire an instructional skipper to come aboard and you put all your theory into practice.

Here’s the great part. You only pay for the cost of the charter boat, the raw cost of the instructor time plus the NauticEd online course costs. We don’t mark it up like all the other schools.

Select the program that matches your goals, add $200 per day for the captain, add the cost of the boat and then the appropriate NauticEd eLearning costs per person.

You can personalise your program for you and your crew. For example, if you’re a pretty competent sailor but want you and your child to gain a Bareboat Charter Master Certificate and two other crew members just want to become qualified crew. That’s all doable and everyone has a great vacation at the same time.

We will also cater to you if the instructor deems you competent in less time based on your prior experience. In this case, the instructor may leave you to enjoy the remaining charter time to explore on your own and mark your certificate as practically proficient. These decisions are made between you and the instructor on the ground.

On the vessel study
NauticEd also provides many of its courses in iPad iBook format along with the tests. So, if you don’t have the time due to work commitments then you can also complete the material on the vessel. However we highly recommend that you do the courses prior to arrival to enhance your practical skills whilst actually on the boat and to give you some time to relax and enjoy our beautiful islands!

Get Started
Get started now by going to NauticEd Sailing Courses and selecting your package or by calling us on +1 888 615-4006 or +1 284 494 4289