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Best-Morning-EverJAMIE & DEB LITTLE, Lazy Days, March 2013

I just have to write and tell you how pleased we were with our first charter. Your staff were top notch!!! We had several e-mails back and forth as we got closer to the date. I imagine it was routine for you folks, but it was all new to us. I was very excited for it all to begin, and my wife ( relatively new to sailing), and my only crew mate was very apprehensive about the whole thing. The 5 day charter went off without a hitch. We have not one thing to complain about. Your staff at the beginning and end of the experience were just great. The boat was as expected, worked great, and was simply a joy to sail. The whole experience was overall better than we expected. Not that we expected any issues, just that sometimes your expectations are higher than reality. Not in this case. Can't thank Abbie, and Cassie enough for their understanding of my unending questions and concerns leading up to our time with you. Our boat briefing b Chris was 100%. He really put us at ease and put us out of the harbor on he right foot. The check back in was very straight fwd and we were off to the airport in lots of time. We will definitely be back as soon as we can bring our kids ( 4 & 7 now).

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