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BVIs-03-Salt-Island-SunriseThe Bountiful BVIs!!

As a couple looking for annual escape from the frozen northeast of Maine, USA, we've enjoyed chartering big cats through BVIYC for the past decade. Our April 2014 trip, aboard the exquisite & uber-outfitted Sophia, was THE BEST! Her spacious accommodations perfectly suited the needs of two families - cap'n, plus 8 crew - as we sailed, snorkeled, dove, swam, full-moon-partied, and feasted our way throughout favorite and new destinations. As mono-hull owners, we realize the benefits of hosting non-sailors aboard a cat: steady maneuvering without heeling, solid & spacious passageways & gathering spots, plenty of privacy, if desired, and enough storage for over-packers :) The added comforts of A/C, a large generator, brilliant lighting, and high-end systems utterly SPOILED us. Our only concern is missing an opportunity to book her for our 2015 return!
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