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IMG_1023A month in the BVIs with BVIYC

We return each year to the BVIs after working at various locations throughout Europe, and return to the family at BVIYC. For 2014, we stayed for the month of May, rotating among islands to retrieve incoming and departing passengers. The month spent on BEING NAUTI and CELAVIE flew by in the blink of an eye, and it became one of our greatest vacations. From the front office staff of Abbie, Cassie, Laura and Khadine, who are true professionals at the myriad details required for a successful charter, to Anthony and Chris who are exceptional mechanics and keep all vessels and machinery running smoothly - the experience is outstanding. The departure briefing is comprehensive and ensures each sailor it totally familiar with all operations of the vessel. The returning checkout process is extremely quick and ensures the boats are ready for the next crew. Maintenance on such a wide variety of monohulls and catamarans is no easy task - Anthony and Chris just make it seem effortless based on their encyclopedic knowledge of the various boats and their attention to detail. Already planning our 2015 trip.
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