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DCIM104GOPROThe Best of Trips, The Worst of Trips

It was the worst of trips, it was the best of trips, from the disappearing ticket upon arrival at the airport in Denver, to the confusion of customs, security, and the threat of missed flights in San Juan on the return trip.   But after all, it is the magical islands known as the British Virgin Islands and the trip was just fantastic.  Two weeks on Syros and the world's problem disappeared along with more than a little rum.  Unfortunately, they reappeared (fortunately the rum didn't) the day we left Syros in Road Harbor.  A special thanks to Anthony, Chris, Tony, and all the other great guys on the docks at BVI Yacht Charters who toil daily to keep all the yachts sailing the way they were built to be.  But it's the office staff that makes the whole package work.  Many thanks to Khadine, Cassie, Abbie, and Laura who seem to have the uncanny ability to coordinate everything simultaneously.  They are so good they make it seem easy, it's not.  The efforts by all of the staff at BVIYC help to provide people like us a wonderful, memorable trip.  Thanks.
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