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Adventure-VoyagingSail BVI Adventure Voyagers

Thank you for sailing with us in our first post Lats & Atts cruise. We had fun exploring the paradise of the BVI by sailboat with all of you. Tania says, "Under the Blue Sky, Jasper and Charly were sipping some Shiraz, and asking Gitana what Ty Soizic means. Turns out, nobody knows. But, what we know for sure is that we just had the best Adventure Voyage in the BVI! Great people, boats, weather, lots of good times . . . how could it get any better? Thank you all for coming and helping to create another wonderful memory!" Special thanks to all who made our Voyage a success: All of you our intrepid Adventure Voyagers. Abbie & Cassie at BVI YC, Adrian from the Broad Reach Foundation, Nick at Leverick, Sam at Potter's, Vinny at Corsairs, Valerie at Myett’s, Eric Stone and the rest of our wonderful skippers, and the nice folks at Cruising Outpost. Look for a feature article from Bob, Tania & I in the next CO. Woody, Tania & Janeen

To view more images and for more information from this flotilla visit their facebook page 'Adventure Voyaging'!

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