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Ki-ilani-Yacht-ClubCassie, I thank you and the entire BVI Yacht Charters staff for a job well done

In 2012, my sons surprised me with a week of sailing on the Nina Rose, chartered from BVI Yacht Charters. We had a fantastic time and all four of us aboard commented that it was a shame that our wives and children could not experience the beauty and excitement that we were experiencing. At that time we all vowed that we would return with our families. It was such a pleasure working with Cassie and Abbie on the Nina Rose charter, we did not look elsewhere. We knew from their involvement with the Nina Rose charter, they took great pride in their Customer Service and repeat business. With the help of Cassie and Abbie and two years of planning, my entire family formed the Ki'ilani Yacht Club just for the fun of it and this vacation. (Named after my boat, meaning "Heavenly Image", which all my children grew-up sailing) We chartered three of BVIYC's largest catamarans and sailed around BVI as a flotilla waving our banner as we rode the Happy Waves of the BVI . We had our entire family consisting of 14 adults, 10 children, and 4 toddlers under 3 years of age. A total of 28 sailors. This was a once in a life time adventure, We can never duplicate this family vacation. We did it all. We sailed, we raced, we dove, we had beach parties, we had masquerade parties, we had dance parties, we had splash parties. Most importantly, we came from all over the country to play and have fun together as a "Family". Everything was perfect and we could not have asked for a better service than BVIYC provided. Cassie, I thank you and the entire BVI Yacht Charters staff for a job well done. Bill Moore, Commodore Ki'ilani Yacht Club.

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