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jeffJEFF, January 2015, Island Time

A big thanks to everyone at BVI Yacht Charters for making our first charter such a pleasant experience. Due to weather we arrived late to the base but once we arrived the staff at BVI Yacht Charters checked us out on our boat, gave us our chart briefing, and assisted us in getting in touch with our provision companies. Everything went so smoothly we were able to make the short sail to Norman Island and de-stress at Willie T's. The week was exactly what we needed after leaving snow covered Ohio. Incredible views and snorkeling along with seeing more rainbows that week than any of us have seen in our lifetimes. The one thing we agreed upon before we left was that we are chartering again next year and are moving up in boat size. Once we arrived back at the base Anthony took the time to show us around several of the larger boats pointing out the various features of each one. He was extremely helpful. Thanks again!
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