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Island Time 0DONALD DALBEC, October 2014, Island Time

After our wonderful 10 days on Island Time in Oct/Nov we returned to the US to settle back into our faster pace getting ready for the holidays back with our families in MA and FL. !   We play back all the pictures we took to anyone who will sit down and watch two Senior Citizens sailing thru the BVIs on your Benetau 331 ; just a perfect way to relax and grow older!  Great winds mostly out of the SE which was different from what I remember for Nov; so did not anchor as much as in the past; but those evenings on a mooring let me sleep a little more soundly!  We stayed overnight moored in many sheltered anchorages that we had never stayed in before ie: Little Harbor in Peter Is. vs. White Bay ; Benures Bay on Norman Is. vs. the Bight !  All in all we had a great 10 days of sailing with one reef ; two reefs and even some time with just the jib !  All in All could not have been better ; we'll be back !  P.S.  HUMMINGBIRD HOUSE was a treat and Yvonne was a very gracious host for our last night in the BVI's !   Our thanks to you and your staff and a Merry Christmas to you and your staff!
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