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Ally-and-Will-on-their-boatWILL HAWTHORNE, Olive, August 2013

While planning my honeymoon, I was told by a co-worker, who had done a similar trip, that this would make for the best honeymoon ever. Taking his advice, I booked through BVI Yacht Charters, which was only the beginning of a spectacular experience. The staff was extremely helpful and accommodating in not only helping us celebrate our sailing trip but our honeymoon. Words cannot explain the magnificent beauty the British Virgin Islands hold, not to mention the relaxing experience you will have partaking in this 'bucket list' adventure. I would recommend this to anyone, including the “I’ll get seasick” people. This is the most tranquil experience you can get while still enjoying what the ocean and surrounding islands have to offer. Having the freedom to, literally, wake up and decide where you want to go for the day is truly redeeming. I HIGHLY recommend this trip and will be back soon!!

WILL HAWTHORNE, Olive, August 2013

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