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Jonesthe best vacation that Cindy and I have ever had

I just wanted to say to you and your skilled dock staff that the Caca Fuego and the wonderful itinerary that Walter and Robyn Kochan selected for our BVI adventure led to the best vacation that Cindy and I have ever had. We look forward to return annual visits. Captain Kochan is an incomparable sailor that instructed, guided, assigned hands-on experiences, enforced safety, and celebrates life bigger than no one. I couldn't have been happier in any other place in the world. This adventure has developed lifelong memories, friendships, and a few more semi-skilled sailors. That said, I apologize for the dinghy drain plug thing. That was my fault. Regardless, please accept the attached images of Caca Fuego on a lazy down wind run and it's Mar-Apr 2013 crew at Pirates Bight as a token of my thanks. We look forward to seeing you and your staff in 2014.

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