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Dinghy-captainThe dinghy captain

We chartered two catamarans with you from April 4th-12th,2014 and had the time of our lives. But the really special moments were those with our son James who has cerebral palsy. This made it very difficult for James to walk and maneuver around the boat but he did so with a smile always. Our good friend Bill Richards, the designated captain of Oxia took it upon himself to ensure that James would come away from this charter with a special accomplishment. Bill decided to teach James how to operate the dinghy. Bill who has the patience of Job spent time each day after mooring the boat, instructing James how to turn on the engine and how to steer and moor the dinghy. Once satisfied that his student had passed the tests we decided to hold an awards ceremony and present James with his new found designation of "Dinghy Captain" We luckily found a t-shirt at a Sopers Hole shop emblazoned with the words "Dinghy Captain" and proceeded to have a celebration party on Oxia. No one was more proud than James. Sometimes it is not just about the fabulous BVI scenery. Sometimes the BVI is all about special moments. We will all be back for those sunsets, waves, beaches and special moments.
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