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HickeyWe truly had a spectacular honeymoon!

This is very late, but Hannah and I really wanted to get in touch to say: We had an incredible trip around the BVI;  the best blue water cruising in the world for sure, and we've done quite a bit in various locations around the world for comparison. You are - by far - the best charter guys we've ever been with.  Lots of little things made the difference:  laid back, friendly, attentive, the lack of endless "extras" that others add on (like outboard....grrr...always drives me nuts!), the chart briefing (so useful for totally non-nautical reasons!), and of course the MOBILE and WIFI! Mobile was just so great.  Just to be able to ring up and bug you guys about facilities, restaurants, etc, was so useful. Wifi seems crazy extravagant, but we spent the whole time on wikipedia googling fish, birds, wrecks, islands, Richard Branson, etc, which makes exploring just that much more fun!  The boat was fabulous - new, clean, very well kitted out and maintained.  She was great.  A little small for us, and next time we would go 38-42 ft on our own, but in general she was superb. We were really worried about coming in "hurricane" and off-season.  The former was no issue at all, and I would take the risk again.  The latter was occasionally a little annoying (Anegada was veeery sleepy), but actually we still had a great time ashore in the evenings and the down-sides were more than compensated for by the bonus of so few boats everywhere! We ate like kings aboard.  Compared to anywhere else in the caribbean, and most parts of the med (Croatia/Spain/Greece/Turkey), the shops in the bigger towns in the BVI are stuffed with all the ingredients anyone culinary would hope for.  The fact the the Delice de France (is this Chelsea...???) in your marina has truffle oil, gravlax and caviar has convinced my father to finally (at the age of 75) set aside his prejudices about caribbean food and come chartering with you!  Expect a call... We truly had a spectacular honeymoon!  We will be coming back to you again, many times;  probably even this spring. Regards to you all from a sub-zero Canada.  We will need a hot break before long...

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