We have numerous optional extras you can add to your charter package, to truly enhance the experience. Renting water toys adds a whole new dimension to your charter and can be fun for all the family. If you wish to reserve any of the items below, it is best to let us know ahead of time and they will be delivered promptly to your boat on the morning your charter begins.

Stand-Up Paddle Boards

Great fun for everyone and our most popular board for beginners yet it moves well enough that experienced paddlers can enjoy exploring too. $25 per day.Request SUP Board

Two Person Kayak

A sleek, lightweight design with a sharp, tapered bow cuts through the water and continues gliding even after you stop paddling; ideal for long-distance paddles since it requires less effort. $20 per day.Request Kayak

One Person Kayak

This compact and stable kayak is a great all-around performer. Short length makes it easy to maneuver on the waves.$20 per day.Request Kayak

Floating Mat

The perfect way to spend a day! The floating mat provides hours of fun on the sea. It’s a simple and safe multi-use water toy. $20 per charter.Request Mat(s)

Noodles and Noodle Chairs

Noodles are a fantastic way to chill out at the beach or behind your charter yacht. $2 per charter.Request Noodles


Strum the night away, to your own live music. Guitar rentals from $100 per week.Request Guitar


With year round trade winds, the British Virgin Islands is a windsurfers’ dream.  Rent a beginner windsurf board and rig your kit for some serious wind-driven fun. Available to rent from Visit Island Surf & Sail.
Visit Island Surf and Sail


The BVI is a surfer’s heaven with our warm waters and surf spots catering to any experience level. A wide selection of boards ranging from 5’9” to 10’0”are available to rent from Visit Island Surf & Sail
Visit Island Surf and Sail

Lazy Bunz Floats

No more spilling your drinks while relaxing in a water float.  Our brand new Lazy Bunz are the coolest and most comfortable water floats whether in a boat, beach or the pool.
Visit Island Surf and Sail

Fishing Rods & License

Choose from the largest and best selection of fishing equipment in the BVI & let Visit Island Surf & Sail take care of the Fishing License for you!
Visit Island Surf and Sail

Yacht Shots Photo Shoot

Have at least two sails up and head upwind, in the Sir Frances Drake Channel, outside of Road Town for the best chance of being photographed by Visit Yacht Shots BVI. They take some stunning shots, which make for fantastic memories for the whole crew.
Visit Yacht Shots

Scuba Gear

Scuba equipment is available for rent to certified divers who wish to take tanks along with them. Contact Visit Blue Water Divers ahead of time to have your scuba gear ready and waiting for you.
Visit Blue Water Divers

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