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Fabulous Friends (or Family) Vacation!The holidays had officially started!

We had the privilege to travel to the BVI over Thanksgiving with eight friends from New York City. The moment we set foot on the boat we felt like we'd arrived in heaven! Groceries were delivered to the dock, all the beds were made, fresh towels in every hut. We were amazed that all the couples had their own bathroom with showers...Everything we needed was there. The holidays had officially started! For five days we sailed to many of the beautiful islands of the BVI. Waking up every morning in an amazing bay and diving into the ocean was so nice! Highlights? There are many, but I'll try: the BBQ on board with perfect timing of the cook: getting the meat ready before the tropical rain splash! Trying to get to the Baths through the surf with flipflops and sunglasses AND a (waterproof?) camera bag and so many other things...the snorkeling, the fellow sailors, the restaurants and bars along the route, everything was great. I could really recommend this trip to everybody who wants to have a great time with friends or family in the most beautiful place of the world.

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