We thought you would be interested to know how other people, just like you, have enjoyed their trip with BVI Yacht Charters. Most of our first time charter guests come back the following year as friends, others go home and rave to their friends about what a wonderful time they have had. Have you just come back from the holiday of a lifetime with us? If so, tell us about it here, and help us to spread the word of BVI Yacht Charters. Please write your short review on this page here, add a picture to it, and let us know which boat you chartered. If we publish your review and picture, we will give you a free sleepaboard on your next charter! The picture can be of you, your crew, your boat, or just one of your favourite snaps!

  • Bill_Moore_Web

    In 2012, my sons surprised me with a week of sailing on the Nina Rose, chartered from BVI Yacht Charters. We had a fantastic time and all four of us aboard commented that it was a shame that our wives and children could not experience the beauty and excitement that we were experiencing. At that time we all vowed that we would return with our families. It was such a pleasure working with Cassie and Abbie on the Nina Rose charter, we did not look elsewhere. We knew from their involvement with the Nina Rose charter, they took great pride in their Customer Service and repeat business. With the help of Cassie and Abbie and two years of planning, my entire family formed the Ki’ilani Yacht Club just for the fun of it and this vacation. (Named after my boat, meaning “Heavenly Image”, which all my children grew-up sailing) We chartered three of BVIYC’s largest catamarans and sailed around BVI as a flotilla waving our banner as we rode the Happy Waves of the BVI . We had our entire family consisting of 14 adults, 10 children, and 4 toddlers under 3 years of age. A total of 28 sailors. This was a once in a life time adventure, We can never duplicate this family vacation. We did it all. We sailed, we raced, we dove, we had beach parties, we had masquerade parties, we had dance parties, we had splash parties. Most importantly, we came from all over the country to play and have fun together as a “Family”. Everything was perfect and we could not have asked for a better service than BVIYC provided. Cassie, I thank you and the entire BVI Yacht Charters staff for a job well done. Bill Moore, Commodore Ki’ilani Yacht Club

     BILL MOORE, Serena, Sundowner & Magic Carpet, June 2014


    We just returned home after 19 days of sailing in the BVI’s (2014).  This was our 8th time in the last 10 years of chartering with BVI Yacht Charters and our first time chartering a catamaran.  Our experience with BVIYC over the years has evolved to the level of family and friendship with the entire staff.  We can’t say enough regarding the high level of quality service that they have given us over the years.  We have spoken to others out sailing who have chartered with competitive companies and heard of their complaints.  I can say “not with BVIYC” the boats have always been clean and in great working order.  This year was special……we chartered a new cat named CHRYSOMALLOS and it was an awesome boat.  After many years of sailing monohulls the cat checked all the boxes….plenty of room and stability…..great berths and galley….and fun to sail.  She is a beautiful boat with fantastic layout and all systems worked without a hitch.  If you are looking for quality boats and a staff that is extremely helpful; then my recommendation is  you choose BVI Yacht Charters. Of course we will back next year!

    DAVID KLEINFEHN, Chrysomallos, April 2014


    My wife and I chartered Kiaora with another couple on our first trip to the BVI and it was an AMAZING experience. BVI Yacht Charters performed magnificently providing thorough and thoughtful service. Our boat was ready exactly when promised and the provisions arrived without a hitch. Kiaora is a Lagoon 38 (owners version) and a fantastic choice for two couples wanting room. Being 6’7″ tall I also appreciated the cavernous main salon though I spent most of my time on deck. I would recommend without hesitation BVI Yacht Charters to anyone interested in seeing these islands from a boat…truly magnificent.

    RICHARD STANG, Kiaora, March 2014


    We had a great experience with BVI Yacht Charters this Spring Break. My wife and I bareboated Chrysomallos with our two children. Not only was the yacht clean, well kept but she sailed beautifully. Check out and check in was a breeze and the staff was super friendly/helpful. This was my 5th time to the BVI, 4th time sailing. BVI Yacht Charters far exceeded our expectations and we plan to use them for our future voyages.

     TROY CROSS, Chrysomallos, February 2014


    This last trip (March 2014) was my fourth sailing experience with BVI YC. I am always pleasantly surprised by the staff at BVI YC. As soon as I got out of the Taxi Chris is calling out to me by name from across the dock, welcoming me back, as if I had just talked to him last week. Anthony is the same way. These two guys are tremendous with their professionalism and friendly demeanor. The boats were ready and they were ready to give us a check out as soon as we were ready. The relationships that BVI YC has established in the community, with other vendors, adds to the pleasure of doing business with BVI YC. Blue Water Divers was on time and prepared, dispite all the last minute changes I had made to our order. The fishing equipment was delivered to the boat as planned and I did not have to worry about phone calls finalizing arrangements. Cassie was kind enough to call over to inform them that I had arrived, without me even asking her to do that. Although seemly strange to mention, I have to mention this next aspect. I don’t know how BVI YC does this but it is always nice and comforting. Whether I come to the BVI through Beef Island Airport or through the ferry terminal, there is always a cab waiting, with a friendly driver that is looking for me or members of my party. It’s reassuring knowing that BVI YC is looking out for me before I arrive. The cab drivers, Mike in particular, was friendly, helpful and seemed to understand we just got off of a plane having traveled nearly all day to get there. The sailing experience and the boats go without saying. The boats are great, in working order and ready to go when we get there. When in the BVI, I will not charter with anyone else other than BVI YC!

     RICK SEAGRIST, Catch the Cat, Gitana & French Maid, February 2014


    We have been chartering in the BVIs since 2005 and for the first time this year at BVI Yacht Charters. It was, by far, the best experience we’ve had yet. From the communication with office staff during the reservation and planning process to the knowledgeable assistance from the dock/marina staff during our stay, we were professionally and expertly attended to. And sailing aboard Jasper was a true delight. The boat is well-equipped and sails like a dream…..which says a lot from an old salt like me with 35 years of experience messing with boats and sailing on Lake Superior. The weather was sunny and warm, winds were perfect, snorkeling fabulous, and the dining and entertainment on shore always great fun!  What a great winter getaway….we will definitely be back to BVI Yacht Charters next year!

    TOM EMBERTSON, Jasper, February 2014


    My crew and I chartered GITANA during the last week of March 2014. Upon arriving at BVI Yacht Charters, we immediately felt like family. The boat was extremely clean and looked to be in great condition. We chose to do the sleep-aboard so that we could provision the boat and get an earlier start to sailing. Chris stopped by when he saw us on the boat and said that he would do the check out with us that evening, so that we didn’t have to wait in the morning! He was fantastic, knowledgable, and had a great sense of humor. He even set us up with a friend of his, who gave us a ride to a local restaurant for dinner. After a good night’s sleep with dockside air conditioning, we headed out in the morning for some sailing. The breeze was perfect and we had a quick sail over for Norman Island. We had a minor issue with the pull cord on the dinghy engine, but Anthony sent his crew out the next morning in a fast boat and replaced the part. You can’t beat that for service! The next day we sailed to Cooper Island, where we found the remodeled Cooper Island Beach Club to be quite nice. The decor there was very nice, the snorkeling at Cistern Rock, and the sunset in Manchioneel Bay were outstanding. The next morning the wind was light, we had an early start and motored to the Bath’s. After playing around in the Bath’s we headed to North Sound. Our crew found so much to do in North Sound to be entertained that we spent 2 nights on a mooring off Saba Rock. The next sail was to Diamond Cay where we went and played in the Bubbly Pool. We had a late start the following morning and went around the corner to Great Harbour. We decided to go ashore and hike over to White Bay. They hilly hike was well worth it! We spent the day strolling on the beach and checking out the various restaurants and bars. Our last full day it was blowing close to 30 with squalll lines moving through all day. I decided to motor over to Norman for our last night. This time we hiked over to Benure’s Bay with our snorkeling gear. We found this to be some of the best snorkeling around! Upon returning to BVI Yacht Charters we were once again greeted by Chris, who was a pleasure to work with. We will be using BVI Yacht Charters in the future and recommend them to friends! Thank you BVI Yacht Charters for a wonderful vacation!

    SCOTT MCGINLEY, Gitana, March 2014


    My crew and I have been chartering annually for the last decade in New Zealand and the San Juan Islands. We looked forward to branching out into the BVI and finally made the jump this February (2014). Our experience with BVI Yacht Charters was excellent, the boat was well maintained, and the resources and support we had from the preparation stages through the voyage and beyond measured up to the best we have received elsewhere- we will definitely sail again with BVI Yacht Charters and the only change we will make will be to allow ourselves more time with a long charter period. One week is not enough.

    PAUL RICHARDS, Amethyst, February 2014


    We’ve been chartering in the BVI’s since 1985 and this is our 20th trip. We have settled in on BVI Yacht Charters because you never disappoint. Yachts are reliable, clean, fun to sail and comfortable to sleep on. This year the weather was spectacular. We were able to spend a night at Cane Garden Bay, one of our favorite places and got to see Quito Rymer sing. It was really a musical trip as we saw Michael Bean in Levrick Bay and Keytar Jeff played in Spanish town at the Rock Cafe. We were able to sail to all our destinations, even through the cut on the west end of Tortola. (tricky) DeeDee and Zeuss was perfect. The combination of the lazy jacks, lazy bag and electric winch is far better than in the mast furling. When the wind was strong we could sail with full main and partially reefed jib so tacking was easy as well. The only problem with th e trip was it was too short. We’ll be back to our favorite islands with our favorite Charter company.

    HOWARD WEISBART, DeeDee & Zeus, February 2014


    I was lucky enough this year to spend 3 weeks on two different Lagoons, Ideal and Serena with 3 different crews. Think of having to eat Anageda lobster three weeks in a row! Almost like listening and dancing to Quito three times at Cane Garden. (No northerly swell, thank you) You know, I may go for four weeks in 2015. Thank you to everyone at BVI YC!

    DAVID OLSON, Serena & Ideal, February 2014


    We just completed a week aboard Chablis and had a wonderful time in the British Virgin Islands. This was our first time to BVI and the staff at BVI Yacht Charters made the preparation and checkout a breeze. We loved the freedom of chartering our own boat to go where and when we pleased. The sailing, snorkeling, and dining were excellent with each island offering its own unique flavor. Coming from the north it was a great way to escape winter and enjoy an active yet relaxing vacation.

    DAN LONGACRE, Chablis, January2014


    We took a family trip of 6 to the BVI in February of 2014 and had a delightful time. Coming from the states we couldn’t get into Tortola before 4PM so we opted to do the sleep aboard the first night. BVI Yacht Charter had everything ready and the first night went like clockwork. Early the next morning the staff checked us out and we were on our way to Norman Island by 11AM. The Ilse Dance 2 was in great shape and we had no problems with it. I especially like the cell phone they gave us to call in with questions and to get the weather for the day. We had one service call by Anthony, who drove right out to check things out, which turned out to be a user error (my bad). We covered Norman, Peter, Jost Van Dyke, Virgin Gorda and the north side of Tortola. We will definitely be back and maybe next time we will try a cat.

    RICK CIOPPA, Isle Dance II, February 2014


    Chartering with BVI Yacht Charters has become a tradition for us; and what brings us back every year? The professional and personal service – many thanks to Abbie, Cassie and their administration colleagues for being the most accommodating and friendliest ladies ever; many thanks to Anthony, Chris and their dock crew for their knowledge, patience and camaraderie. Why would we go anywhere else? The BVI Yacht Charter fleet offers a variety of well-maintained boats that suit our sailing vacation needs; we absolutely love coming to these islands, and having the BEST service from the staff at BVI Yacht Charters will keep us coming back for many years to come.

    FRANCOIS & SHARON, Being Nauti & Serena, January 2014


    This is the 7th time we have chartered a Bare Boat form BVI charters and I cannot tell you how happy we are with the boats and the Staff. We have had so many adventures and have made so many great memories it is impossible to share all. I can tell you that we bring different couples with us on some cruises and they cannot talk enough about the great experience of a Sailing vacation. All is made possible by the staff and the support personnel like Anthony and Chris. They are dedicated and cater to your every wish, from Ice on the boat when you arrive late to noodles for my wife to float when we are moored. I have friends that Charter form other locations and I hear there stories and I always say…I never had any issues. The one time I had a problem with my Boat Anthony was there in 30 minutes to fix it. (An Air lock in the AC system). I continue to look for ward to these vacations knowing that Abbey and the rest of the Office staff will make the process seamless. I don’t want hassles on my Vacations. When Things get tough at work or it gets to cold and the snow is falling I close my eyes and go to my Happy Place, Sailing Jasper or Syros on the Caribbean Ocean through the BVI’s. Thank You to all for making this the BVE in the BVI….Best Vacation Ever in the British Virgin Islands. See you in October!

    WALTER ROTH, Jasper, January 2014


    We chartered Jasper, a Beneteau 46 from BVI Yacht Charters for a week January 2014 with two goals in mind: 1) to have as many painkilllers as possible, and 2) to check out the Trellis Bay Full Moon party. I am pleased to report we met both, and had a splendid week in the BVI in the bargain. Four of us came down from the US to share this boat for the week. The check-in process was a well oiled machine – what helped speed things up even more was the online chart briefing we did in advance. We stayed aboard Jasper the night before, after coming over on the ferry from St Thomas. This gave us plenty of time for a Riteway run for provisioning (we always make sure to bring along a small and expensive items like spices from home). Joma Marina, where the BVI fleet is home ported, is very user friendly, with really wide fairways, and it was easy to get underway for the first time without any backing and filling, or warping out with lines – unlike some of the marinas back home in Annapolis. The Beneteau designers of Jasper obviously had dockside maneuvering in mind when they drew her; she proved easier to handle in close quarters than my Cal 29 can be. Once we were underway, we made the counterclockwise circuit, stopping at Peter and Cooper Islands, then a long beat up to the North Sound (we went pierside at the Bitter End Yacht Club…wonderful place!), then to Trellis Bay, where we had to go to Marina Cay because there was no more room on the moorings. After that, a long broad reach to Jost Van Dyke (we stayed in Little Harbor), then over to Norman Island, and back home.

    Highlights of the week:
    Snorkeling: Cistern Point at Cooper Island, and the Indians the Caves at Norman Island were favorites. Rum Drinks: Painkillers were great everywhere, but Pussers and Saba Rock stood out as best of that breed. The Bitter End Sunset (a banana, mango, rum concoction) and the Pina Colada (really!) headed the freeform competition. Don’t know why, but we always turn into. Full Moon: Trellis Bay was a real kick! Aragorn and the other places up there put together a great beach party. The music and food were excellent. Although we had hoped to be ringside moored in Trellis Bay, there was a ferry service that between Marina Cay and Trellis that worked well. Restaurants: The Bitter End Yacht Club and Cooper Island Beach Club stand out in this regard. The Calamari appetizer at the Pirates Bight in Norman Island deserves an honorable mention. Hiking: The paths along the Bitter End, and the ridge trail at Norman Island were great to stretch the legs and get a look as the views. This was our second charter with BVI Yacht Charters and we are looking forward to our third!

    CHRISTOPHER ROGERS, Jasper, January 2014


    Our family of 8 had a fantastic cruse on BVI Yacht Charter’s Jacomina H. Hats off to Cassie and Abbie who cheerfully and promptly answered ALL our dumb questions from inverter type to rum brands. The boat was immaculate, comfortable, and sailed well. New Snorkel Gear came right out of the box. Riteway handled our custom food and booze order completely and quickly as did Last Stop Sports for Kayak and fishing gear. A terrific family vacation!!!

    RICK CASTLE, Jacomina H, December 2013


    I have chartered in the BVI’s several times through other charter companies but this year chose BVI Yacht Charters for our get away. What a great decision. The helpful friendly staff made us feel welcome and met all our needs. The boat was great and performed perfectly. Sailing in the second week of December was brisk to say the least ! 32 knot winds one day gave everyone a few stories to tell when we got back home. Three of our crew were non sailors but all aboard thoroughly enjoyed the week and the beauty and relaxed atmosphere the BVI’s had to offer. I will be using BVI Charters on any future trips and will continue to recommend them to all. Terrific company to deal with! Cheers!

    DON MILLER, Ty Soizic, December 2013


    Sail, swim, snorkel and unwind, it ISLAND TIME! This is our second charter with BVI Yacht Charters and we are coming again in 2014! As we board the Santa Maria, everything is in tip-top shape and we are ready to go. We have two new salty pups aboard (newbies to sailing) and they are so excited for the adventure. The first comment from the newbie was, “It’s a big boat!” Not sure what she was thinking, but the Santa Marina did not disappoint. You will always have a NEW experience in the BVI’s, no matter how many times you visit. We snorkeled the caves, met Matthew Aragon from the Art Center at Trellis Bay, loved Saba Rock, hiked the Baths and Cooper Island is a must for the “Cheeseburger in Paradise”. Our new stops were Cane Garden Bay and Little Harbor with the best lobster sandwich at Sydney’s Peace and Love.
    We had a hard time returning our sailboat home to the harbor. We will see you again soon BVI Yacht Charters.

    MARY LOU SHAFER, Santa Maria, December 2013


    In October of 2013, my girlfriend, my Mom and Dad and I took the vessel Sapphire out island hopping in the British Virgin Islands. It’s still all we can talk about! I can’t say enough good things about BVI Yacht Charters. Down to Earth, Friendly, Patient, Knowledgable, all and all GOOD PEOPLE. From our first questions via email from NYC to handing the vessel back on our last day in Tortola, the whole gang at BVIYC took great care in making sure we understood every step of the way. From contracts to deck cleats, from radios to rations they were happy to help and instruct. Furthermore, good people attract good people, every person we came in contact with not directly employed by BVIYC but all of their recommendations and associates were kind hearted and transparent when it came to costs for services or goods. This company has a real Mom & Pop feel in the way you know you are dealing with real people and not a soulless corporation. Every business should take a page out of the BVIYC playbook. I was truly blown away by the beauty of the islands, the top notch attention to detail by both the office personnel and the dock hands and the way they, knowing it was our first time on an adventure of this kind helped us to make it a trip of a lifetime.

    CHAD YARBOROUGH, Sapphire, July 2013


    This is very late, but Hannah and I really wanted to get in touch to say: We had an incredible trip around the BVI;  the best blue water cruising in the world for sure, and we’ve done quite a bit in various locations around the world for comparison. You are – by far – the best charter guys we’ve ever been with.  Lots of little things made the difference:  laid back, friendly, attentive, the lack of endless “extras” that others add on (like outboard….grrr…always drives me nuts!), the chart briefing (so useful for totally non-nautical reasons!), and of course the MOBILE and WIFI! Mobile was just so great.  Just to be able to ring up and bug you guys about facilities, restaurants, etc, was so useful. Wifi seems crazy extravagant, but we spent the whole time on wikipedia googling fish, birds, wrecks, islands, Richard Branson, etc, which makes exploring just that much more fun!  The boat was fabulous – new, clean, very well kitted out and maintained.  She was great.  A little small for us, and next time we would go 38-42 ft on our own, but in general she was superb. We were really worried about coming in “hurricane” and off-season.  The former was no issue at all, and I would take the risk again.  The latter was occasionally a little annoying (Anegada was veeery sleepy), but actually we still had a great time ashore in the evenings and the down-sides were more than compensated for by the bonus of so few boats everywhere! We ate like kings aboard.  Compared to anywhere else in the caribbean, and most parts of the med (Croatia/Spain/Greece/Turkey), the shops in the bigger towns in the BVI are stuffed with all the ingredients anyone culinary would hope for.  The fact the the Delice de France (is this Chelsea…???) in your marina has truffle oil, gravlax and caviar has convinced my father to finally (at the age of 75) set aside his prejudices about caribbean food and come chartering with you!  Expect a call… We truly had a spectacular honeymoon!  We will be coming back to you again, many times;  probably even this spring. Regards to you all from a sub-zero Canada.  We will need a hot break before long…

    EDWARD HICKEY, Olive, July 2013


    This is my second year chartering with BVI Yacht Charters and I chose them for my honeymoon. As was the case last year, our boat was delivered clean and in perfect operating condition. The staff was friendly, knowledgeable, and ready to assist us with everything we needed before, during, and after our charter. I will be back again next year…This time with a larger group so I can introduce more friends to chartering and BVI Yacht Charters!

    JAKE DIMARE, Nina Rose, November 2013


    Our sailing holiday on Olive was simply the best. Not only the fantastic weather and wonderful islands made this a perfect vacation, the really good customer service of BVI Yacht Charters provided a trouble-free time. Their staff is always there to help with any issues you may have. Even if it is about dealing with a stowaway iguana, who somehow got on board and tried to go on a free sailing trip :-) or to fix a travel bag, which the airline had damaged.
    Everybody is very competent, in particular the mechanics. The reception ladies are very nice, helpful and flexible. Booking with BVIYC is really uncomplicated (also for us Europeans), with an individual customer service. We have been chartering in he BVI for 20 years now with different companies. BVI Yacht Charters is definitely the best! Thanks to everybody over there! Greetings from the cold.

    DORIS AFFOLTER, Olive, July 2013


    We have just had the most amazing 10 days sailing on board Olive, Beneteau 31 around the BVI. We contacted numerous companies with questions in early in 2013 about sailing in the BVI and other locations – it became very clear from the immediate professional and informative reply from BVI Yacht Charters that they would be the company we would trust and book with. From the very first message we sent to arriving in the Marina on 19th Oct every question was answered quickly and promptly and gave us the confidence to book this amazing holiday. We arrived early on 19th Oct and met Cassie in the office – it was lovely to put a face to the name and we were shown onto Olive immediately to unpack and look at provisioning. You gave us great advice about shopping and we walked to RiteWay which only took 5 minutes from your wonderful location. After buying what we needed and packed it on board Olive we came by and Cassie offered us great advice using the charts for places to go and see and handed over the file and blue bag – it all felt so professional but chilled. Chris then joined us on board Olive to go through the running of everything on board and he is a credit to the company – so nice and welcoming and couldn’t do enough for us. By 3pm we had untied and set off to Norman Island for our first night of the 10 we had booked on board. We used the mobile phone provided by BVI Yacht Charters on a few occasions to call the office for advice and on each occasion it was answered immediately and we were helped straight away. One day we came back into the marina to get extra water & more gas and the dockside team at BVIYC are fantastic – they are all on hand to help immediately when you come alongside and nothing is any trouble. Our checkout when we arrived back in the marina was again handled to the highest standard and your dockside team are very special. Lenny undertook the checkout and did so very promptly and professionally allowing us to do final paperwork with Abbie and sign everything off. It was a sad moment for us as we waved goodbye to Olive but now we know how special sailing in the BVI is and what an excellent service BVI Yacht Charters offer we are counting the weeks until we can come back. To summarise we would highly recommend BVI Yacht Charters to anyone who wanted to charter in the BVI – the standard of service is excellent and the quality of the boats on offer are fantastic. Olive was in beautiful condition when we took her over and the bedding and towels provided are of a high standard – we will be returning and recommending BVI Yacht Charters to everyone and if we can help by talking to possible new customers to confirm everything we have said please feel free to contact us and we will be delighted to do so.

    MARIA BLAND, Olive, July 2013


    Having sailed the BVI’s in ’94 and ’98 and then together with my wife for our 10th anniversary in ’08, we had considered trying a new location for our 15th, perhaps Bahamas or Grenadines. Instead, we decided to return to this Caribbean paradise and to chose BVI Yacht Charters, as we were not entirely pleased with our charter company in ’08. Both decisions proved to be excellent- the BVIs again provided unparalleled sailing weather and conditions, superb harbors, great dining and genuinely friendly people. And the professional services provided by BVIYC, from first email contact (Abbie & Cassie) through a thoroughly complete (and passionate!) chart briefing with Laura to Anthony’s oh-so-patient boat check out, we could not have been more pleased. And to top it all off, Gitana sailed like a dream, a sweet dream that has provided fantastic memories. After this last BVI visit, we no longer consider other locations, it just can’t get any better!

    JOHN GRIGG, Gitana, July 2013


    We just spent 10 days in July sailing around the BVI’s on Chablis. What a fabulous way to bring the family together! As you can see in the picture, my 11 year old bonded with his 6 year old sister: they grew closer through our sailing adventures than ever before. We sailed with dolphins, swam with sea turtles, and had a blast making up new names for the crazy dives and cannonballs we did off the bow each afternoon. BVI Yacht Charters made everything easy from booking to provisioning to the taxi ride for the ferry home. Little Jost and Sandy Spit was my favorite spot, my daughter loved Cane Garden Bay, and the boys thought watching the airplanes at Trellis Bay and hanging out at the Last Resort was the best. My son said it best: “Mom, this was the best vacation ever.”

    SUSAN VAN DOREN, Chablis, July 2013


    Nous avons passé avec ma femme 10 magnifiques jours à bord d'”Olive” en juillet dernier. Deuxième voyage aux Iles Vierges pour une deuxième expérience avec BVI Yacht Charter. Le bateau était neuf (2012), extrêmement bien équipé. Malgré une arrivée en avance sur notre planning (½ journée), le bateau nous attendait déjà au quai dans un état de propreté et de préparation impeccable (air climatisé allumée). J’ai retrouvé avec bonheur un service vraiment impeccable. Très professionnel sans être envahissant. L’équipe technique et administrative sont magnifiquement compétentes et dévouées. Bref, difficile de faire mieux selon moi. Pour le reste, les Iles Vierges demeurent un terrain de jeu rêvé pour marier la voile facile, la baignade et les paysages paradisiaques. D’un point de vue plus pratique, un très grand centre commercial se trouve à 300 mètres des bateaux pour acheter votre épicerie (livraison en taxi gratuite). Je recommanderai BVI sans hésiter. J’y retourne dès que possible.

    My wife and I spent 10 beautiful days on board ‘Olive’ last July. This was our second trip to the Virgin Islands and our second time with BVI Yacht Charters. The boat was new (2012), and extremely well equipped. Despite arriving half a day early, the boat was ready and waiting for us at the dock, clean and impeccably prepared with the air conditioning switched on. I found the service was impeccable and really friendly. They were very professional without being obtrusive. The technical and administrative team are wonderfully competent and dedicated. In short, it is hard to beat in my opinion. For the rest, the Virgin Islands remain a dream playground combining easy sailing, swimming and paradisiacal landscapes. On more practical point, a very large supermarket is located 300 metres from the marina to buy your groceries. I would recommend BVI Yacht Charters without hesitation. I will return as soon as possible.

    MICHEL GILBERT, Olive, July 2013


    While planning my honeymoon, I was told by a co-worker, who had done a similar trip, that this would make for the best honeymoon ever. Taking his advice, I booked through BVI Yacht Charters, which was only the beginning of a spectacular experience. The staff was extremely helpful and accommodating in not only helping us celebrate our sailing trip but our honeymoon. Words cannot explain the magnificent beauty the British Virgin Islands hold, not to mention the relaxing experience you will have partaking in this ‘bucket list’ adventure. I would recommend this to anyone, including the “I’ll get seasick” people. This is the most tranquil experience you can get while still enjoying what the ocean and surrounding islands have to offer. Having the freedom to, literally, wake up and decide where you want to go for the day is truly redeeming. I HIGHLY recommend this trip and will be back soon!!

    WILL HAWTHORNE, Olive, August 2013


    My wife and I thought a week in the BVI’s would make for a wonderful family vacation. Our girls love the water, and a few stories about tropical islands and long forgotten pirate hideouts had them talking about the trip months before we left. I asked a couple we have known for a long time if they would like to join us, they said yes, and the trip was a go. We decided on Isle Dance II because it had four state rooms with four heads, and a slew of features such as in mast furling and an electric winch. We arrived in the early afternoon on a Saturday and slept aboard that night. That allowed us to get to know the boat and put away a few provisions (we had ordered ahead for the dry goods and heavy stuff which they delivered right to the boat). We then walked to the local grocery to pick out the fresh goods. Saturday night we discovered one of the battery chargers wasn’t charging. Sunday morning they changed it out while we were doing our chart briefing -kudos to Anthony, Chris, Laura, and Berdie. We were off the dock, headed to Peter Island before we knew it. The boat handled well and we had plenty of breeze. At one point we reefed the sails a little but it was a snap with furling main and jib. The girls were on top of the world when they got to helm the boat (the boat has dual wheels). Every place we went was better than the place we left. I suggest buying a cruising guide ahead of time and put together an itinerary based on your interests. There is more than you can possibly do or see in one or two weeks.The week was over before we knew it. Everyone was a little sad when we pulled up to the dock, but it was exciting talking to the next wave of charterers as they prepared to embark on their vacation.

    TED BROWN, Isle Dance II, July 2013


    My wife and 4 children just got back from Tortola, BVI. We had the time of our life. The staff at BVI yacht charters made our charter easy and memorable. The dock staff had the boat ready and stocked. Weather is great in July. No crowds at all! My 12 year old asked if we could come back next week! That great of a time. Thanks again Abbie and staff at BVI yacht Charters you made my families trip one to remember.

    TODD BESON, Blue Tooth, July 2013


    My wife and I enjoyed our charter in January with BVI Yacht Charters so much that we couldn’t wait to come back; so we didn’t! we booked another charter for this July on “Santa Maria” and had, if anything, and even more fabulous time. We took advantage of the extremely generous BVI-YC offer for 10 days for the price of 7 for repeat customers and spent the extra time visiting some wonderful new spots in addition to some favourites from our last trip. Highlights included our first visit to Anagada where we spent two nights, Monkey Point, the Dogs, Cane Garden Bay and Kelly’s Cove along with favourites from our last trip such as the Baths, Sandy Cay, White Bay on JvD and Manchioneel Bay. “Santa Maria” performed flawlessly, and in fact our entire experience with the team at BVI-YC was as good as it could be from start to finish, with particular thanks and appreciation to Anthony and Chris on the dockside and to Abbie in the office for making everything such smooth sailing. We can’t wait to come back!

    MARK & HAYLEY BECKWITH, Santa Maria, July 2013


    My husband and I just returned from a five day captained sail on Being Nauti, traveling with five teenagers. We sailed in the off-season (June) and despite some minor afternoon showers we found it to be a wonderful time to sail in the BVI! The snorkeling spots, beaches and restaurants were uncrowded and the attitude so relaxed. Our captain knew all of the best spots, was a font of information on the islands, and he also took the time to teach the younger ‘crew’ a little about sailing. BVIYC was competent and accommodating from start to finish, and this is going to be an annual tradition for our family. See you next summer!

    PAIGE MCMICHAEL, Being Nauti, June 2013


    My family of six spent a fantastic week in the BVI’s aboard Kiaora, a 38 foot cat. What a trip! BVI Yacht Charters treated us right. The boat was in great shape and everything worked perfectly. We were able to provision essentially across the street at OneMart the night before leaving which sped up our departure the next day. We had a few minor boat problems that were easily dealt with over the phone. Anthony, Abbie and Cassie were all very helpful with the boat as well as helping me find places to fill up our scuba tanks. It was truly the best family vacation my family has ever had, and we can’t wait to go back. Thank you BVI Yacht Charters!!

    PARKER ELLISON, Kiaora, May 2013


    Our two weeks on the Sundowner in early May were fantastic. Many thanks to the folks at BVI YC, especially Anthony, Chris and the dock crew. They all took great care of us and met our every request. This was our 4th time with BVI YC and we will be back.

    JOHN & NAN LIVINGSTON, Sundowner, May 2013

    The Henry Party aboard Stray Cat, with Captain Ron in the middle!


    We spent a glorious week on the Stray Cat in early May. This was our second charter with BVI Yacht Charters and it was even more enjoyable then the last one! Captain Ron showed us different moorings and snorkeling places this time around. What a great way to spend a week.

    HARLEY HENRY, Stray Cat, May 2013

    The Henry Party aboard Stray Cat, with Captain Ron in the middle!


    In May, 2013, the government of the British Virgin Islands gave me a lovely certificate which granted me permission to ‘cruise and enjoy the waters, beaches and reefs of these blessed islands. My friends at BVI Yacht Charters gave me the perfect boat for this once-in-a-lifetime sailing adventure. “Tootsie”, a 2012 41 foot Beneteau Oceanis (with a really cool drop down rear platform for swimming and dinghy access) sailed like a thoroughbred racehorse, often doing 5 knots with only 10 knots of wind.

    On our first day, we departed Road Town Harbor, under bright sunny skies, bound for the idyllic setting of Jost Van Dyke. This tropical gem boasts several great anchorages, and we chose to spend the night on a mooring in White Bay. Although known as the home of the world famous ‘Soggy Dollar Bar’ (no dock, swim ashore, wet money), we visited Ivan’s Stress-Free Local Flavor Bar at the other end of White Bay. The food and drink were excellent, and the sunset view from White Bay was spectacular.

    The next day we sailed over to Cane Garden Bay, where we visited Rhymers’ Beach Bar & Restaurant for lunch and then on to Quito’s Gazebo for music and dancing in the evening. After Cane Garden Bay, we visited Norman Island, home of the Pirate Caves and the Willy-T. From Norman, we hit Peter Island, for a day on the beach in Deadman’s Bay, which is probably one of the top 10 beaches in the world. From Peter Islands we reached to North Sound on Virgin Gorda, where we spent a night at Leverick Bay, and then onto the Bitter End Yacht Club. Our last destination was Cooper Island, for a great meal, and drinks with another gorgeous Sunset. So, we spent a glorious week sailing from one beautiful island paradise to another, where we found white beaches, palm trees and tiki bars at every stop. At the end, we did feel truly blessed that we had this opportunity, and we are most grateful to our friends at BVI Yacht Charters for all they did for us.

    PAUL NEWELL, Tootsie, May 2013


    When we arrive at the dock, we are welcomed by the same great people we have come to know and appreciate…Abbie, Cassie and Laura in the office are amazing in their rapid-response to our communications and also in the briefings once we arrive. Chris and Anthony are great at getting us ready with the boat, and also responding to any questions we have while we are out. This was our 3rd trip on Isle Dance II, and she sailed wonderfully with her brand new sails. YachtShots caught us our first day out ~ so fun! Thank you to all at BVI Yacht Charters ~ we’ll be back!

    DIANE HAGAR, Isle Dance II, May 2013


    This past April was our 6th time chartering with BVI Yacht Charters and our second time on Gitana. Everything was excellent and as I said in the title, every time gets better. BVI Yacht Charters make you feel less like a number and more like family, that’s why we keep coming back. From the ladies in the office to the guys on the docks, everyone is outstanding! Their customer service is top notch. Not to mention their prices and selection are also great! What started out as a father and son trip has branched out to friends and relatives. We can’t wait to return! Hope to see you soon.

    PETER BUOTTE, Gitana, March 2013


    My husband Dave Hackney and I would like to thank you for a wonderful charter two weeks ago on Dee and Zeus. We absolutely had the best experience with your charter company. You all were very prompt and professional and the boat could not have performed better. The guys who worked on the boats were knowledgeable, professional and charismatic. We can’t say enough and look forward to coming back soon. Can you recommend a slower time in the islands or are those days over?? Would June/July be too hot? Our only complaint is too many people have discovered sailing in the BVI! Thank you again and we will be recommending you to our friends!

    LIBBY HACKNEY, DeeDee & Zeus, May 2013


    My wife and I chartered Sapphire last March/April out of Tortola for the best Spring Break vacation ever. I had chartered in the Caribbean several times before and had always gone with a bigger company (Sunsail/Moorings) and decided to go with a slightly smaller outfit in search of a more competitive price and better service. We found it at BVI Yacht Charters! The staff was very professional and attentive, the boat performed flawlessly and we were able to book at a considerably better rate. I feel that because there were fewer boats and fewer staff to deal with that every aspect of the business is better for the customer. I would highly recommend BVI Yacht Charters to others. I hope to book with them again later this year.

    GREG WHITESELL, Sapphire, April 2013


    My wife and I decided to go with BVI Yacht Charters after much review and especially meeting Abbie at the “Strictly Sail Boat Show” in California. I can’t express how thorough Abbie and the rest of the staff is at BVI Yacht Charters are. The service we received was amazing and it was by far the best vacation we have ever had. After ten days of sailing we were not ready to get off the boat. All of the suggestion that Abbie had passed along turned out to be spot on. She provided us with information on a very nice hotel close to the marina the night before that made a long day of travel much easier. Anthony and Chris were very helpful as well. They provided us with everything we had requested for our sail and were extremely knowledgable about the boat we had chartered. If we had any question during our cruise we simply picked up the provided cell phone and called Anthony. He picked up on the second ring and was available 24/7. That’s very comforting knowing you have that kind of support should anything need to be repaired. The only part of the trip that I found stressful is when my drink was empty, other than that we had a blast! Thank you to the entire staff at BVI Charters! I will do this again with them and would HIGHLY recommend BVI Yacht Charters to anyone.

    WAYNE CASSINGHAM, Santa Maria, March 2013


    I entitled this story “Outside the Comfort Zone” because my family has sailed with me on a Hobie Cat and a Laser before, but never on anything that even remotely resembled the French Maid – a Jeanneau 509. They were a little nervous to say the least. I have captained a number of boats this size, including three years of racing in the Antigua Sailing Week, so I wasn’t concerned. However, it took them a few hours on the water before they figured out that Dad really did know what he was doing. First of all, a few things about the boat – she was perfect in virtually every way. She was brand new (launch in Dec ’12) and sailed beautifully. The sails were perfect and the equipment was first rate, both in immaculate condition (as you would expect in a boat with only 4 months under her belt) and perfectly located. I could have sailed her by myself if I didn’t have such an enthusiastic crew. The lines all come back to one of two helms and the halyards are all controlled just forward of the cockpit. Everything was easily accessible and logical. The electronics were very high end and helpful. Mechanical worked without incident. An all-around a joy to sail. Even with a full gas tank and two full water tanks, she was able to hit 8 knots on several occassions. The interior was spacious, beautifully thought out and well equipped. We provisioned through the grocery store recommended by BVIYC and they did a great job. Abbie and Cassie in the offices of BVI Yacht Charters make things so easy and comfortable from the minute you contact them about the charter. They are knowledgeable about the boat, the area, the transaction, travel plans, scheduling, and planning your trip. First class from start to finish. Anthony was an outstanding resource – teaching us about the boat in every detail. When I pulled away from the dock on Sunday morning, I felt that I knew everything I needed to handle the boat effectively. Additionally, I also knew he would be there for me at a moment’s notice, if anything were to require his help while I was sailing. Happily, we only had to call Anthony once and the issue was easily resolved. I really just wanted to see if the phone worked.  Bottom line – We will be back. Everyone had a great time sailing through gorgeous waters on a beautiful boat. It was a vacation that scored big on the family fun meter!!

    GEOFF CAREY, French Maid, March 2013


    I’ve chartered with BVI Yacht Charters three times and each time has been fantastic! I love their selection of boats, their base crew has always been attentive and friendly and they really do care about their guests. I got married at Marina Cay on my first charter and the staff helped me arrange everything, including providing a driver who stayed with us all day and guided us through the process of getting licenses, stamps, etc. It went so well on our next sail our friends got married! Thanks BVI Yacht Charters, my wife and I really appreciate everything you’ve done for us over the years!

    COLIN ERVEN, DeeDee & Zeus, June 2012


    A great charter on SYROS, a Beneteau 43.3. She sailed beautifully and all systems worked flawlessly. The AC inverter was a surprise and was useful for charging cameras and ipods, and the air-conditioning on shore-power at the dock the first night was great, the gps-nav system and auto-pilot were perfect. The “no-hassle” check out by the knowledgeable BVI Charter expert was the most thorough and accurate we have ever had (7th charter). He knew everything about the boat. This was so efficient we were able to get away from the dock by 10am, a great improvement over other charterers. Seven great nights at wonderful spots: The Bight, Little Jost Van Dyke, Marina Key (still good despite some of the reviews I read), Gorda Sound, Anegada, Cooper Island. I should also give very high marks to the restaurant C&F walking distance from the BVI Charter marina-don’t miss it! A perfect vacation!

    Peter Igoe, Syros, February 2013


    We had our first ever charter on Amethyst. I can’t say enough about the customer service from Abbie as we had to make changes three times to our charter including the day before when our flight was cancelled due to a snowstorm. Abbie suggested she could just back up our charter one day since the boat was available. Bingo we didn’t loose any days. The boat was clean, well equiped, and well maintained. Other than the squall we got hit with the first day the sailing was excellent. We followed the chart briefing which was given by Abbie and had a pretty easy sail. She explained where to go and not to go and it was well labelled on the chart and the info package on board the boat. Anthony is very easy to get a hold of if needed. I had a small problem with using the inverter (my own fault) and Anthony talked me through it. Then he called me just make sure things we re all well. We had no other issues on our whole sail. The islands are gorgeous and lots of sunshine. With the wind always blowing we could sail from one port to another quickly. The dock crew was always around to answer any questions.
    I will be booking again and go a little further next time.

    Chris & Renata Plummer, Amethyst, February 2013


    One photo proves a memorable trip is a sure thing when chartering with the professional team at BVI Yacht Charters. From first contact and our sleep-aboard night at the dock, our trip was everything we hoped for. The boat was well-equipped, immaculately maintained, everything worked perfectly, even wifi wherever we anchored, and she sailed like a dream in the 20-25 knot winds. And even when we managed to plug one of the heads, BVI Yacht Charters came to the rescue and got us back in business. As we said at the end of our charter, “We’ll be back.”

    Adrian Magnuson, Petit Profligate, February 2013


    This year marks the 6th (or is it 7th) time we have chartered with BVI Yacht Charter and it was another very successful year for us. Even though our vessel was circa 2005 it was mechanically sound and cosmetically very nice. The office staff and dock hands were warm and welcoming when we arrived which starts everybody out in a positive mood. We were even bestowed some left over provisions (re: libations) from an incoming charter which filled our cooler to the max making for s a dandy way to start your charter. We had some newcomers on this year’s charter and they quickly adapted to the island vibe as we headed out of Road Town considering our fist day’s itinerary. During the week we encountered only a 10 minute squall giving me an excuse to use the fowl weather jacket I squeezed into my duffle. We’ll be perusing our photo’s and deciding what vessel and dates will be our next visit. Cheers.

    Capt Mondeaux, Ty Soizic, February 2013


    I just have to write and tell you how pleased we were with our first charter. Your staff were top notch!!! We had several e-mails back and forth as we got closer to the date. I imagine it was routine for you folks, but it was all new to us. I was very excited for it all to begin, and my wife ( relatively new to sailing), and my only crew mate was very apprehensive about the whole thing. The 5 day charter went off without a hitch. We have not one thing to complain about. Your staff at the beginning and end of the experience were just great. The boat was as expected, worked great, and was simply a joy to sail. The whole experience was overall better than we expected. Not that we expected any issues, just that sometimes your expectations are higher than reality. Not in this case. Can’t thank Abbie, and Cassie enough for their understanding of my unending questions and concerns leading up to our time with you. Our boat briefing b Chris was 100%. He really put us at ease and put us out of the harbor on he right foot. The check back in was very straight fwd and we were off to the airport in lots of time. We will definitely be back as soon as we can bring our kids ( 4 & 7 now).

    Jamie & Deb Little, Lazy Days, February 2013


    This was our 2nd time chartering with BVI. In 2010 we took Morena out for 2 weeks and had a great time. We booked Morena again for 11 days this time around for a trip to Culebra. Alas we just made it past West End when we had our port diesel die. A quick trip to West End by Anthony gave us bad news, a blown head gasket. We would have to take Morena back to Joma the next morning. We Know things happen and this is where the staff at BVI went into overdrive to help us out. They had to twist my arm to load our things onto French Maid, their new never been chartered Jeannau 509. This is a beautiful boat, electric winches and all. Our next 10 days was one of the best charters that we have done. We spent 4 days at Culebra and had wonderful sailing. Eight to nine knots is a breeze for French Maid. We will book her again.

    Dave Olson, French Maid, February 2013


    The whole experience with this company was seamless. The staff were over the top the vessel was well taken care of and our experience with this company warrents a return visit.. When we did encounter a problem with the generator I called the office on the cell phone provided. They asked my location I replied, anchored in Virgin Gorda they gave me some advice to correct the problem ,however, I had already tried that.” We’ll send someone ” so I’m figuring at least a day!! Surprise fellow showed up in a dingy in under an hour fixed the problem .Never had an issue the rest of the way.. Good going B.V.I. Charters we/ll be back!! Cap’t Phil

    Phil Pilgrim, Jasper, February 2013


    Our crew of 5 had an amazing week abroad Shiraz. A typical day might start with jumping into the water for a gorgeous morning snorkel, a few-hour sail to our next island mooring, kayaking to a beach bar for a local rum cocktail, an afternoon siesta and then firing up the BBQ for some grilled fish. BVI Yacht Charters made sure every day could be this stress free. Abbie, Chris and Anthony answered all of our questions, assisted with the provisioning, and were full of helpful advice about where to go. The trip to Anegada for the beautiful beaches and local lobsters is not to be missed. Our only mistake in planning this trip with BVI Yacht Charters is that we didn’t go for long enough – trust us that a one week charter is not enough time!

    WYNNE RUMPLETIN, Shiraz, February 2013


    I just wanted to say to you and your skilled dock staff that the Caca Fuego and the wonderful itinerary that Walter and Robyn Kochan selected for our BVI adventure led to the best vacation that Cindy and I have ever had. We look forward to return annual visits. Captain Kochan is an incomparable sailor that instructed, guided, assigned hands-on experiences, enforced safety, and celebrates life bigger than no one. I couldn’t have been happier in any other place in the world. This adventure has developed lifelong memories, friendships, and a few more semi-skilled sailors. That said, I apologize for the dinghy drain plug thing. That was my fault. Regardless, please accept the attached images of Caca Fuego on a lazy down wind run and it’s Mar-Apr 2013 crew at Pirates Bight as a token of my thanks. We look forward to seeing you and your staff in 2014.

    WAYNE JONES, Caca Fuego, February 2013


    Wow what can i say…….. from the moment i contacted Abbie at BVI yacht charters to the very last minute the service was superb! Chris who handled all the boat maintenance and help with mooring up at the marina was also amazing! We can’t thank them enough for all there help ! We chartered Kiaora a Lagoon 380S2, owners version. She was very clean fully fuelled ready to start our charter! :) 6th – 28th February 13′ – 3 weeks of boating bliss… On our first day we headed out of road town to Norman Island to spend the night at the famous Willy T’s! The following morning we took the dingy around to the caves for a bit of snorkeling, wow that was great! Came back to our home in paradise to set sail up to dead chest and dead mans bay! We stayed the night on a mooring ball . Day 3 we headed up to the baths at the bottom of virgin gorda woweeeeeee so beautiful, after a few hours of swimming and enjoying the views we sailed up to spanish town for the night! from there we headed up to gorda sound for 2 nights before our trip up to Anegada! lovely flat island we ate lobster and stayed there 2 nights before heading back to the east side of tortola to a few beautiful bays! from here we went over to jost van dyke and enjoyed a few rum punches and stayed in great harbour and white bay, from there we sailed past great thatch / sopers hole to go back to norman island (yep you guessed it “back to Willy T’s”)! food provisioning was easy and nothing really seemed to be any hassle. We all loved it 100,000%.

    JENNY MARTIN, Kiaora, February 2013


    My husband and I chartered the Amethyst with BVI Yacht Charters and it was wonderful. This was our first time to do this my husband was the captain and I was the first mate celebrating 25 years of marriage. Abbie and all the girls in the office were great, they answered every little first timers question it was nice to finally meet them after all the e-mailing. Also all the guys in charge of the boats were awesome. I love the BVI’S and would love to be a ex-patriot there. Lord willing we hope to do this again and we of course will only charter with BVI Yacht Charters…bigger boat of course!!!!

    DAVID & BECKY GORMAN, Amethyst, January 2013

    Amethyst at Sandy Cay


    As someone that deals with boats for a living, I was a little anxious about chartering someone elses boat 1000+ miles away. Our entire group (8) on one boat, a 47 Leopard named Sundowner, was a little hard to envision also. The boat could not have worked out better. Plenty of room, privacy, incredible stability, and performance. We’d do it again in a minute. The on board in the marina the first night was a great way to get acclimated also. Very convenient to shopping etc. We’ll be back. Thanks to BVI Yacht Charters  for a trip of a life time. TG

    TOM & ANN GRIMES, Sundowner, January 2013

    Moored at Leverick Bay in time for Happy Arrrr!


    After dreaming about it for 5 years we did our first charter with BVI YACHT CHARTERS in Feb 2012. We had an awesome time and were blown away by how comfortable we felt doing it by ourselves. We have been power boaters back home in Canada for more than 20 years, but our sailing experience prior to the charter consisted of one summer crewing on a race boat at a nearby yacht club. We decided to take a “checkout captain” with us for the first day to get acquainted with the boat. After a few hours we set out on our own feeling like seasoned sailors. We spent the next week exploring the most beautiful little corner of the world we have ever been to. Everyone who sees our pictures asks the same question; “Is the water really that color?” The navigation and sailing were very easy, because it’s all line of site sailing. That means you can always look behind at where you were, and look ahead at your destination. It’s not that far from A to B , so there is no problem making it to your destination in time for happy hour. Sadly poor planning resulted in us not organizing another charter for this winter. Instead we ended up on a cruise ship. After our experience in the BVI last year, we have decided the big boats (cruise ships) just don’t do it for us any more. During our plane ride home, it was decided that as soon as we get the suitcases dumped out on the laundry room floor……we would call BVI YACHT CHARTERS to get the ball rolling for next February. We could see plenty of other companies chartering in that area, however we had such great service from everyone we dealt with at BVI Yacht Charters…..we have no need to look further. Abbie & Cassie in the office were great to answer every question we had from 2000 miles away. When we arrived, we got the full run down of everything in the boat from rigging to engine to egg flipper. Then Laura gave a great chart briefing and info session. Our boat (SAPPHIRE) was in great shape. We only had one minor issue with the windless, which Anthony the amazing service guy, only took 30 minutes to scoot out and fix. This time, the moment we announced to our friends that we were thinking about going again, presto we had crew mates. Yippee we are going again. Really looking forward to it. I must remember to tell Abbie we will be needing a blender this time.

    COLIN & GWENNE LEWIS, Sapphire, January 2013

    Happy Wife… Happy Life!


    Thank you to all the team at BVI Yacht Charters. We came out for 10 days to get married in Cane Garden Bay. We had a perfect week sailing before our wedding and the staff were so helpful and friendly. Nothing was too much trouble – where else would someone lend you an iron and ironing board from their own home so we could iron out wedding clothes. Thank you Abbie! And thanks for the advice on spas and flowers – not to mention islands, snorkelling, restaurants and the best place for New Years Eve (Coco Maya). We all had a brilliant unforgettable holiday. Chris was great and attended to any issues we had with the yacht promptly and with a smile- not that there were many. We chartered two boats, Santa Maria and Gitana, both of which were clean and well maintained. We would definitely recommend BVI to anyone looking for a truly special holiday.

    SARA & STEPHEN McCORMICK, Gitana & Santa Maria, January 2013


    Our trip started out as a holiday during our first week with BVI Yacht Charters. Not knowing the charter world, we did not know what to expect. What we found was our boat in great shape and very friendly staff available to answer our questions. The boat was maintained well (special thanks to Anthony and Lenny) and the islands and waters of the BVI second to none. “We can get use to this” was all that needed to be said to continue on another boat for the second week – no longer a holiday, but a test drive for retirement living! Our next BVI Yacht Charter trip will be on a catamaran so we can share the experience with more of our friends… and we’re missing happy hour at the multiple beach front bars!

    ROGER GOLDSTONE, Island Time, January 2013

    Swimming with Turtles!


    We just returned from a week in paradise in early January. This was my first time chartering and I can not speak highly enough about the willingness of Abbie, Cassie, Lori, Chris and a special mention of thanks to Anthony for answering any question I had both prior to arriving and during the week at sea. The total staff was great. We chartered Chablis which is several years old and I was absolutely amazed at the impeccable condition and cleanliness of the boat when we went aboard. Provisioning was simple and the sailing was spectacular. Our biggest hope was that we could find some quiet anchorages and just enjoy some relaxing time on-board taking in the beauty, peace and tranquility of the BVI’s. I must say we were pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to find several great anchorages and some of the best snorkeling I have ever had in my life from our swim ladder. This was the first of many charters with BVI yacht Charters.

    JEFF & JENNIFER LEGGE, Chablis, January 2013


    I’ve sailed with BVI Yacht Charters for several years and this year was the smoothest yet. One things for sure when you sail, count on having issues regardless of who you charter through. I choose BVI Yacht Charters because they take care of those issues. They provide clean well maintained boats and the best captain friendly staff from the office to the dock crew. They genuinely care about our charter, going above and beyond to make sure our sail was successful. Thank you again for a fantastic charter experience.

    TYLER SCHWOPE, Morena, January 2013

    Smiles all around after a great charter!


    This was our 4th charter with BVI and my first as Captain. I encourage anyone who wants to Captain to go for it. We crewed 3 years learning the area and the “lines” and this year arranged with BVI a day checkout sail by Captain Neil who was wonderfully patient and put us through many exercises so we’d have a safe and fun filled adventure. We felt confident and had a fantastic time and met up with our group of friends on three other boats from BVI Yacht Charters. Abbie, Cassie and Anthony are fantastic to work with as always and the boat was in top shape. We will be back as often as we can as there’s nothing like it for an “off the grid” getaway.

    TIM HOOLEY, Blue Cat, January 2013

    Just another beautiful sunset


    On a previous charter we used a different company and felt that the service was marginally adequate. What a pleasant surprise BVIYC turned out to be. We found a couple of very minor issues on the boat that seemed hardly worth mentioning but were resolved quickly and completely. I wish my own boat received such good maintenance! We know BVI was going to be a hit for our first-time crew and that we would again enjoy the sun, snorkeling and fun. With the excellent service and good boat we concentrated on the FUN.

    NICK WIGEN, Shiraz, December 2012

    A crowd on the beach at Sandy Cay


    Best cruise ever! My crew and I were blown away (in a good way) by everything involved with our BVI cruise. BVI Charters were wonderful to work with, the boat performed flawlessly and the beauty and friendliness of the islands were good for the soul. I can’t wait to do it again!

    DAVID COLBORN, Mistral, December 2012

    Mistral sets sails from The Baths, Virgin Gorda


    I’ve been on 5 charters thus far in the BVI through various charter companies. Our most recent trip with BVI Yacht Charters was excellent and I would highly recommend them. There friendly, accommodating staff and attention to detail was outstanding and second to none. Our group is looking forward to our next trip!

    TONY ROSA, Mistral, November 2012

    Watching the tide roll  in at White Bay, Jost Van dyke


    Sail BVI Voyagers, Thank you for sailing with us in our first post Lats & Atts cruise. We had fun exploring the paradise of the BVI by sailboat with all of you. Tania says, “Under the Blue Sky, Jasper and Charly were sipping some Shiraz, and asking Gitana what Ty Soizic means. Turns out, nobody knows. But, what we know for sure is that we just had the best Adventure Voyage in the BVI! Great people, boats, weather, lots of good times . . . how could it get any better? Thank you all for coming and helping to create another wonderful memory!” Special thanks to all who made our Voyage a success: All of you our intrepid Adventure Voyagers. Abbie & Cassie at BVI YC, Adrian from the Broad Reach Foundation, Nick at Leverick, Sam at Potter’s, Vinny at Corsairs, Valerie at Myett’s, Eric Stone and the rest of our wonderful skippers, and the nice folks at Cruising Outpost. Look for a feature article from Bob, Tania & I in the next CO. Woody, Tania & Janeen

    WOODY HENDERSON, Blue Sky, Charly 2, Gitana, Jasper, Shiraz & Ty Soizic, December 2012

    To view more images and for more information from this flotilla visit their facebook page ‘Adventure Voyaging‘!

    Jacomina H

    I’ve been chartering with BVI Yacht Charters for nearly a decade, and once again, my crew and I had an absolutely fantastic time. Everyone at BVI Yacht Charters provides stellar service from the first step until the last. That type of dedication, personal attention and consideration are what make them the class of the Caribbean. I cant wait for the next trip. Captain John

    JOHN DOYLE, Jacomina H, December 2012

    The perfect end to a perfect day aboard Jacomina H!


    My brother and I just finished our week long adventure on BVI Yacht Charter’s 32′ Beneteau Island Time. The boat was in perfect condition and the staff at BVIYC was friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. The boat was delivered clean and ready to go and we felt completely taken care of every step in the process. We’ll be back and charter with BVIYC again!

    JAKE DIMARE, Island Time, November 2012

    Taking the helm on Island Time

    Fabulous Friends (or Family) Vacation!

    We had the privilege to travel to the BVI over Thanksgiving with eight friends from New York City. The moment we set foot on the boat we felt like we’d arrived in heaven! Groceries were delivered to the dock, all the beds were made, fresh towels in every hut. We were amazed that all the couples had their own bathroom with showers…Everything we needed was there. The holidays had officially started! For five days we sailed to many of the beautiful islands of the BVI. Waking up every morning in an amazing bay and diving into the ocean was so nice! Highlights? There are many, but I’ll try: the BBQ on board with perfect timing of the cook: getting the meat ready before the tropical rain splash! Trying to get to the Baths through the surf with flipflops and sunglasses AND a (waterproof?) camera bag and so many other things…the snorkeling, the fellow sailors, the restaurants and bars along the route, everything was great. I could really recommend this trip to everybody who wants to have a great time with friends or family in the most beautiful place of the world.

    Ilja Willims, Oxia, November 2012

    The Captain and his Deck Hands aboard Blue Cat

    Relaxing and Rum filled. Given by my wife for the big 5-0 birthday gift – the best gift and most fun and relaxing vacation ever. Her brother and his wife joined us and we had a fantastic time hitting his planned hot spots like Foxy’s, Soggy Dollar, etc. The crew really learned how to handle the boat, mooring pick up, anchoring and oh yea, sailing. We had some great dinghy adventures as well! I believe most of our pictures besides the boat had a drink in hand. Can’t wait to do it again.

    Rick Brinton and his crew, Blue Cat, November 2012

    Michael, Anne, Peter & Carrie enjoy the Baths on Virgin Gorda

    We wanted to thank you for making our week on Syros such a great experience! Everyone in the office and on the docks were so helpful! Anthony and Chris were great—they came out to Peter Island to help us get the microwave working so we could have popcorn! That was above and beyond! Cassie’s checkout meeting was perfect…all of the information was clear and very useful on our trip. And thank you for letting us on the boat a bit early for our sleep aboard….it gave us time to do some shopping and get to know the boat before we left. And, of course, Syros is a great boat! Please feel free to use our name and e-mail as a reference, especially if you have any potential charterers from the West Coast….we would love to offer our highest recommendation! Again, thank you for making this a trip of a lifetime for us!

    Micheal and Anne Duda & Peter & Carrie Detwiler, Syros, November 2012


    Made it back to NC about midnight last night.  No problems with ferry or planes as all were pretty much on time with no particular problems. I just wanted to thank each of you, Abbie, Cassie, Corinne and particularly Anthony and Chris for all you all did to make this trip a wonderful one.  Weather was as perfect as can be expected, both Syros and Jasper performed terrifically, and things just went well.  I appreciate your promptness when I called and emailed prior to arriving and Anthony’s availability and knowledge and, as always, Chris’ knowledge of the boats and his good humour. Anyway, thanks again and I look forward to seeing you next year.  Take care of Jasper, she is a sweet boat.

    Leigh Fultz, Syros & Jasper, October 2012


    I have chartered through BVIYC twice, 2011, 2012, and have already made reservations for May 2013! As you know you have many options when bare boating in the BVI. I have been sailing over 40 years and have sailed all over the world, and yet now, I always return to charter with BVI Yacht Charters. For the last 3 years I have been so impressed with the customer service, the high quality of the fleet, and the impeccable way the boats are maintained! The value is the best I have found anywhere, and the entire staff feels like family! In today’s world to find great customer service, quality & value is rare all together. This is what BVIYC delivers and I will charter through them for the rest of my life! Thank you for all you do to make every trip PERFECT!

    JIM SWENERTON, Shiraz, May 2012

    Jim and his crew lovin’ life aboard Shiraz!


    Our French Cat, Ty Soizic (who names these things anyway), was the fastest, truest sailing cat I have had in many charters. I always do a cat on vacation because they are fun and comfortable for all. But this one could really sail too! She could point upwind easily 10 degrees higher than any other I’ve sailed and at any other point of sail than a close reach she ran away like a good girl at an all boys school party! Top speed down wind was 11.2 but she hung out around 9 in virtually any wind more than 10.

    SAILTIME, Ty Soizic, November 2009

    Josie, from Saba Rock, showing off her ‘SailTime’ hat!


    Thank you for the note and offers.  I do not have any great photos of the boat (only far away shots).  Here is one of my favorite photos. The three women were my crew and all newbies to sailing. By the end the trip they could point into the wind, come about, pick up a mooring, anchor and handle the lines when docking. We all had a great time sailing and seeing the beautiful sites above and below the water!

    JOHN EMMERT, Santa Maria, March 2008

    Taking the Helm aboard Santa Maria


    We miss you guys already. Are you getting any more new boats soon? I am thinking of another trip soon. Its probably going to be just my girlfriend and I, not sure yet. I am sure more people will join us as soon as we break the news. We really enjoyed Morena on our last trip. Attached is a picture for the next months photo competition. I would really like to win it, because for our next trip I would like to come for 10 days :)

    ARMAND COPANI, Morena, March 2008

    Overlooking the Bight, The Indians and Pelican Island


    Thanks so much for everything. Our trip was fantastic. Our boat, Nina Rose, was great, and all the arrangements and information your office gave us was much appreciated. Our sailing week couldn’t have gone more smoothly, thanks to you all. One thing I wanted to pass on to you is a glowing recommendation for “Harris Place” in Little Harbour. We had an incredible lobster meal under the stars there and our hostess was not only an incredible cook but a truly colourful character. Any way, thanks again.

    SYLVIE, Nina Rose, February 2012

    Looking forward to our Lobster Dinner on Jost Van Dyke


    My family, ages 64-8, chartered three catamarans for a trip in the Spring. It was a fantastic trip for all ages. BVI charters couldn’t have been better. The boats were great-very comfortable and everything worked except my iPod. The provisioning was excellent. At the end of the trip-even after a whole day on planes-everyone would have turned around and done it all over again. We highly recommend this adventure for families who love to be on the water-sailing, motoring, swimming, scuba and snorkeling. You will not be disappointed. Chartering from a smaller company gave us such a personal touch. They answered all emails promptly and generally took fantastic care of us!

    SYDNEY, Charly 2, April 2011

    All aboard! Dinghy into shore

    See More Testimonials


Over the years we have had so much much great feedback from guests, we have had to narrow it down to some of our favourites. Keep reading below for more comments, suggestions, feedback, praise, and commendations, of our staff, service and boats. We have removed the last names, to protect peoples identity, however if you would like us to put you in touch with a previous guest, with specific questions on a boat, we can always find someone willing!

“I just wanted to say how much we enjoyed our sailing vacation.  The boat was wonderful, enough room for everyone and the A/C was delightful ! ! !   Your staff was very professional,helpful and friendly.  We are looking forward to our return trip to the beautiful BVI. Thanks again, Phyllis.” PHYLLIS, CACA FUEGO. “Abbie & Cassie – Great job on the new website! Just a note to tell you we had a great time on the Nina Rose in July. Loved the boat and everyone was so helpful. Hope to do it again next year.” ROBERT, NINA ROSE. “Everything aboard Shiraz performed flawlessly! The new sails are awesome and she sails great, 8.7 Knots on a broad reach! Thank you all again for the fantastic job you do maintaining the boats and the best customer service ever!” JIM, SHIRAZ. “We had a great trip. We hope to be back again next year. I have already recommended BVI yacht charters to a few people but none have committed to a trip yet but are definitely considering it.” PHIL, GITANA. “To all of you at BVI Charters. Once again I want to thank you all for the great support during our adventure on Ruby. You were always available and helped make the trip a great success. I will be doing an in-depth review in the future; it will let the readers know that BVI Charters is a good place to charter.” STEVE, RUBY. “Great boat, terrific staff, we will be back!” NEIL, BLUE SKY. “BVI Yacht Charters does a terrific job – the boat was in great condition, and the staff was really responsive to our needs. We’ll absolutely do our next cruise with them.” ERIC, AMETHYST. “We had a wonderful time. Everything went very smoothly. I was a little nervous planning the trip all on-line but we had no trouble at all. I highly recommend Virgin Island Sailing and BVI Yacht charters.” LISA, SAPPHIRE. “BVI charters was very professional. Ruby was the perfect boat for us, and we’re considering another trip on her with BVI early next year. Thank you so much for everything.” MIKE, RUBY. “Thank you so much for mailing my clothing back to me. BVI Yacht Charters is a “class act” in all regards! We had a wonderful time on Magic Carpet and hope to do it again soon! Again, thank you for your thoughtfulness.” ERIC, MAGIC CARPET. “Our crew included young and old sailors, several first timers (to sailing and to the BVIs), and a couple of repeaters who had made the trip years ago – and everyone had a wonderful time. Between sailing, snorkeling, exploring, eating, and drinking, there was something for all to enjoy. It’s hard to imagine a sailing destination that offers a better or more complete combination of anchorages and ports than the BVIs. Several easily reachable islands, a reliable wind, beautiful settings, remote coves, picturesque harbors, and a community that both appreciates and supports the charter business all contribute to making the Virgin Islands a truly special sailing vacation spot. I can’t wait to return and will use Virgin Islands Sailing and BVI Yacht Charters to make it happen.” BARBARA, MAGIC CARPET. “Thanks for your kind thoughts. Indeed everyone got to their respective destinations safely. The consensus was that everyone had a wonderful time. Your whole crew looked after us very well. The Grenadines sounds very inviting. If the eight of us return, does that mean we get an 80% discount?” JOHN, SERENA. “We have a terrific time in St-Martin, Anguille and St-Barth. You know, we’ve chartered boats all over, but I must say your team on location at Fort Louis were exceptional. Phillippe, Fanoula and their team were all wonderful and you can tell they care about the customer. It was great way to start and end the charter. Please pass on our most sincere thanks to the entire staff at Anchorages Multicoques. By the way, we are talking about our next trip. Either going back to the BVIs and perhaps do a few of the USVI locations or returning to St-Vincent and the Grenadines and make our way to Grenada and back. I was wondering if your also have a company in St-Vincent or Grenada?” MARC, APACA. “This was our first Charter, I own a O’Day 28′ and had never skippered a Catamaran before but the boat was fantastic,easy to handle and performed well. The rest of the crew was very inexperienced but we all had a great time and are all ready to do it again! This trip surpassed any of my expectations!” STEPHAN, JOHN MON’S LEGACY. “I rented Ty Soisic lat week – thank you for everything – the week and the boat were perfect.” RODRIGO, TY SOIZIC. “ALL Chillmates concur this was our almost best charter ever.. the first time is always the best you know… that was on Dreamcatcher. We ALL had a great time and the one of the BEST parts was the WONDERFUL shape the Stray Cat was in. We could want for nothing and thanks to Anthony’s fine tuning of the rigging we passed many a mono hull and raced a sabre, (unbeknownst to him) and won! I hope we can return next year… I always love our adventure. Best wishes and THANKS to you all.” KAREN, STRAY CAT. “Thanks for a great charter experience last week on-board Island Time. Everything worked out very well and the vacation was amazing. We will definitely be back and recommending BVI Yacht Charters.” ERIC, ISLAND TIME. “There was eight of us on the cruise and they all said it was the best of the various trips they taken. It was just great!” DOUGLAS, ISLE DANCE II. “We certainly had a great time and appreciate all of the personal care you and your team provided.” ED, PIANA. “This was my first charter, although my boyfriend has sailed before. We had the trip of a lifetime aboard the Lazy Days. The information provided was comprehensive, and it made us feel secure about our trip in that we didn’t need to do anything other than enjoy ourselves! I can assure you that BVI Yacht Charters will be my very first call when we are ready to book our next trip!” ALISON, LAZY DAYS.